Meet Our Team

Youthdirect is made up of an enthusiastic, experienced and devoted team, who strive to bring out the best in each child.

staff2 Mr. Ralph Grosskopf our project manager has 20 years of experience in dealing with children both in Youthdirect and as a teacher.  He has several qualifications and a special  knack of working with children, bringing out each child’s positive qualities and maximising their true potential.



staff1 Mr. David Patashnik has been working with Youthdirect since its inception, guiding the boys to achieve creative masterpieces of their own. He has 35 years of experience  teaching woodwork in schools and has been accredited with Bachelor of Education specialising in C.D.T.



staff3 Mr. Ian Shenker our advanced woodwork teacher, has years of experience teaching children  in a range of different schools. He has been accredited with a  Qualified Teacher  Status, Design and Technology.



staff4 Mr David Dunbar is our highly acclaimed art tutor.  His warmth and patience have enabled him to encourage the boys to become familiar with art, which is a totally new subject  for most of them. Mr Dunbar has acquired several qualifications, including, BA Level 2,  Post Graduate Certificate of Education and Certificate of Design.